Xiaomi to launch first smartphone with Snapdragon 888 chipset




Butwal, Qualcomm recently unveiled its latest flagship chipset, the Snapdragon 888. As soon as Qualcomm unveiled the new chipset, various companies started promoting the use of the chipset in their new phones. 

Meanwhile, Saomi has also announced that it will use the same chipset in its MI Eleven phone. Redmi’s director Lu Webbing said that the brand’s new flagship will use Snapdragon 888.

But the company has not mentioned the release date of the phone. However, MI’s model has never been in second place in the first phone to use Snapdragon’s new chipset from the very beginning.

But this time, the Samsung Galaxy S Twenty One lineup will be unveiled in mid-January. As the same chipset will be used in the phone, MI has a challenge to make its phone public this month or early 2021. 

But rumors are circulating that a picture leaked on the Chinese social network Weibo is of Xiaomi MI Eleven. The design of the camera in the phone is very different.

It has a small camera with two sensors. The camera also has an LED flash light.

But at the moment, the picture is not on Weibo and it has not been officially revealed whether the picture belongs to MI Eleven or not. 

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