Xiaomi has developed a technology that can be used to charge mobile phones at home like WiFi




Xiaomi on Friday unveiled its new remote MI air charging technology. This technology can be used to charge multiple devices at once. 

The company has also stated that it can be charged using the phone. Wireless air charging technology has a device like a large transmitter.

Which can be kept in a meeting room accessible to all. The transmitter charges the smartphone with five watts of wireless technology.

This type of charger technology has nothing to do with the QI standard (open interface standard). Smartphones that support this technology should have a miniature antenna array with a built-in ‘beacon antenna’ and a receiving antenna array.

The smartphone has 14 antennas, which convert the millimeter wave signal emitted from the charging pile. Such a signal is converted into electrical energy with the help of a rectifier circuit.

Today’s remote charging technology can simultaneously charge devices in areas up to several meters. Xiaomi claims that the physical objects between the charger and the device do not affect the charging speed.

However, the company has said that there will be some limitations in this. The charger can also be used to charge smart watch, fitness brands and other devices. But the price of the charger is sure to be very expensive. 

The release date of the charger has not been announced yet. Also, even if the charger is made public, it is not yet decided whether it will be shipped to the market or not.  

Source (Gsmarena)

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