What is special about the citizen app brought by the government?



Nowadays we can avail various services from mobile. The government has also started providing its various services online.

But there is an obligation to use different apps for different public services. This has created a kind of chaotic situation.

Remembering different logins and passwords for different apps is a different challenge nowadays. Ending this kind of problem, the government has brought a citizen app to provide all public services from one app as much as possible.

The government has announced to build Digital Nepal for good governance, development and prosperity. The citizen app envisaged by the government policy and program of 2075/76 is believed to be an important cornerstone for Digital Nepal.

You must have faced a lot of hassle when you go for services like revenue, transport, traffic, public service. The government claims that the citizen app will not have to go to government offices for such services as much as possible.

It is expected to save time, reduce hassle, save expenses and help in reducing corruption by increasing transparency. This app is designed to be easily used by every Nepali citizen.

At present, various government agencies have digital details that can identify citizens. For example, the Ministry of Home Affairs has more than 20 million citizenship details.

The information of 15.5 million citizens including fingerprints and photos is in the server of the Election Commission. Similarly, the passport department has passports of more than 6 million citizens.

Using the details in these three places, the digital identity of the citizen has been established in this app. The government plans to gradually add national identity cards to this.

To eliminate the hassle of submitting documents when using a service, the app automatically collects and confirms the required details. It is said that this will put an end to the hassle of citizens having to submit various details like citizenship, passport, company registration, educational certificate.

For example, the process of getting a permanent account number (PAN) can be started by putting the citizenship number in the app. This service is already available in the app.

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