Twitter quote tweets are now easier to find





        Twitter is authoritatively revealing its new statement tweets counter, which lets you effectively observe each time a given tweet has been retweeted close by a remark. “Tweets about a Tweet add more to the discussion, so we’ve made them significantly simpler to discover,” the organization stated, likewise noticing that the new counter will be appeared between the current “Retweets” and “Preferences” marks.

    The interpersonal organization has been trying the component for a couple of months at this point, with various names and UI structures. It’s explored different avenues regarding marking the counter as “Retweets with Comments” as opposed to “Statement Tweets” for instance, and it’s additionally tried concealing it in a sub-menu instead of demonstrating it straightforwardly on the tweet.

It’s constantly been conceivable to look for quote tweets by entering a tweet’s URL into Twitter’s inquiry box, however a committed catch makes the cycle considerably more helpful. It’s a convenient component such a significant number of numerous individuals utilize the statement tweet work instead of answering to a tweet, and should make it simpler to follow these discussions. What’s more, now and again it’s only amusing to see everybody dunking on a tweet in one spot.

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