Twitter just made it harder to stick to its chronological feed



 It’s still there, but it’s no longer a default option

Twitter switched from a reverse-chronological feed in 2016 to its algorithmically designed one we know today, and a new update will soon make it tougher to default back to the original design. The change is now rolling out for Twitter on iPhone and Android devices, plus it’s expected to come to the website in the near future.

Twitter isn’t losing its reverse-chronological feed altogether, but it’s instead moving it to its own tab, so you will soon default to the algorithmic one when you open the app. Previously, you were able to select the specific way you wanted to see your tweets presented, and it would remain there for at least a while before defaulting back to the algorithmically generated feed.

Twitter announced it would bring the change to iPhone first, and Android phones would follow in the near future. However, one Android Police reader (thanks PsychoMania) has told us that he has received the update on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The update has arrived on their stable version of the software titled version 9.33.0.

Twitter on Android
Source: PsychoMania

In 2019, Android devices were able to switch back to the chronological feed for the first time since the 2016 change. You could select “See latest tweets first” to get rid of the algorithmically sorted feed. In the new update, you still have to specifically request the feed to be next to your normal feed. You can change that by pressing the sparkle icon in the top right and selecting the “Latest timeline” option.

This new update may prove more helpful to some who want to know which version of their feed they’re looking at. However, if you’re someone who liked defaulting to your chronological feed you may not be happy with this new change.

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