This way you can easily understand QR code technology





Butwal.The full form of QR code is Quick Response Code. It is being used in every product and service today as it provides reliable and fast access to any kind of information contained in the code. 

First used in Japan’s automobile industry, this technology is expanding worldwide today in the field of mobile marketing. The QR code, which looks like a small crossword puzzle in white and black pix pattern, contains the brand and company code, which can be quickly scanned and identified by technology with large data capacity. 
The QRcode application includes item identification, tracking and time and document management. This technology has become easier and more convenient since the feature of QR code sensor started coming in smartphones.
You can install third party QR code reader application on mobile. Google is also providing a QR code generator to easily convert URLs to QR codes .

In addition, Apple has recently introduced an inbuilt QR code scanner on its iPhone. Users can easily get all the information about the product instantly by opening the camera app and focusing on the code. 
QRcode has become an easy way to get easy access to everything from restaurants to hospitality, from the government to safety information, information and content. QRcode has become a paradigm shift for all types of customer brands in the Asia-Pacific region.
Meanwhile, the rapid digitization due to the Corona epidemic has made it more widely used in all types of marketing agents. QR code technology is not only a way of easy and reliable access to services and goods, but also a way for companies to tell their brand story. 

Billions of people use mobile payment services every day. They have included all their e-commerce, social media and mobility services in one super app.
This way companies can not only track the whereabouts of their customers, but also understand the pattern of their purchases from the QR code. This is one of the main purposes of QR codes for brands, marketers and advertising agencies that spend in the media ecosystem to increase sales.

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