The government has brought a citizen app to provide all government services through one app.


               The government has launched ‘ Citizen App ‘ with the objective of providing all possible public services through a single app Minister for Communications and Information Technology Parbat Gurung unveiled the app at a press conference on Friday.

Lately, various government services have been gradually made available online. However, the government has brought a citizen app to cover all the services, saying that the service recipients will be inconvenienced when the means of getting services are different. Secretary at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Hari Prasad Basyal has said that it will bring government services in the hands of the people.

According to Secretary Basyal, the app, which has been made public in the Veta version, currently includes nine services. The citizen app envisaged by the government policy and program of 2075/76 has been taken as an important basis for Digital Nepal. Therefore, this app has been made a project of national pride, said Minister Gurung.

According to Minister Gurung, the app has been made public with the aim of providing all government services through a single app. In which, from getting PAN number, the details of taxes submitted by oneself can also be seen through the app. He said that all government services will be included in the app within the next three months.

In a video message, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli urged all Nepali citizens to use the app and make suggestions for necessary improvements.

According to the ministry, the digital identity of the citizens has been created for the app through the details of 21.5 million citizens with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the information including the fingerprints and photos of 15.5 million citizens on the server of the Election Commission.

At the same time, the app will end the hassle of citizens having to submit details such as citizenship, passport, company registration, educational certificate to get government services. Permanent account number (PAN) can be obtained by keeping the citizenship number in the app.

In addition, you can now get the service through the app with your educational details, citizenship, passport, voter ID card. However, information on the amount deposited in the Citizens Investment Fund, Provident Fund and Social Security Fund can also be obtained. Similarly, complaints can also be registered with the government through the app.

It is said that even though so many services are available now, the citizen app will not have to go to government offices for public services as much as possible. It has been mentioned that the national identity card will be added in detail.

It is expected to save time of the citizens as well as reduce hassle, save expenses and help in reducing corruption by increasing transparency. The ministry has stated that all the services provided by the local government to the citizens from the center will be provided through this app.

According to the local government, more than 40 of the 64 services will be available in this app. You will need to use this app from the mobile number in your name.

After entering the mobile number, the app will automatically find out whose name is registered. It has been mentioned that the app can access the system of the concerned body based on the citizenship number.

For example, if an office needs your PAN details, the app can get them automatically from the revenue department system. This means you do not have to submit a photocopy of citizenship and PAN.

That said, there is no need to fill or upload any details in the Citizen app. One click automatically fills out an application for the relevant government service. It is expected to help in the convenience of the people, good governance, reduction of corruption and reduction in the running costs of the government.

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