Special attraction in the citizen app, 1 lakh 10 thousand downloads in 24 hours


   There is a special attraction of the user towards the citizen app brought by the government The number of downloads of the app on Android has exceeded one lakh 10 thousand within 24 hours of its public release.

The number of downloads of the app, which was made public on Friday afternoon, had crossed 10,000 on Saturday morning alone The team of app developers under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has informed that the number of downloads of the app has reached one lakh 10 thousand on Saturday evening.

At the same time, the citizen app has become the first among the most downloaded Nepali apps in 24 hours. This app is in the top position among the top free apps in Nepal. According to the developer team, even though 110,000 people have downloaded it, the number of successful account openers in the app is only 32,000.

Of the app downloads, 88,000 users have been able to successfully verify the OTP code on their mobiles. Of them, details of 56,000 users are yet to be verified.

It is said that the details in the citizenship, passport or voter identity card did not match with the details in the system of the concerned body and the verification of most of the details was not successful due to the use of SIM card in the name of another.

It is said that registering the number in the app which is being tested is a big issue in itself. The government has brought citizen app with the objective of providing all possible government services through one app.

Currently, only the facility of getting permanent account number (PAN) is available in this app. Minister for Communications and Information Technology Parbat Gurung has already mentioned that there is a plan to gradually add other services.

To open an account in the app, a mobile number registered in the user’s own name has been made mandatory. After verifying the OTP code received in the mobile number kept in the app, the details of citizenship, passport or voter identity card have to be kept in the app.

The details in this app will be successfully verified only if the details in the concerned government body and the details kept by the user are found in the same way.

In this case, if the details in the government body and the details in the user’s identity card (citizenship, passport or voter identity card) are somewhat different, the verification cannot be successful.

On the other hand, the app works by providing real-time direct access to separate systems of various government agencies. It is said that the service available in the app may be affected even if the server and system of any other government body is not able to work.

The government says that the app is safe to use because of the two- factor authentication . Click here to download the app for Android and click here for iOS

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