Of Course You Can Run Windows 11 on an Old Windows Phone




By: Subash MarasiniSubash marasini

 Android users can start tinkering with the new OS on their phones, too. 

It hasn’t even been a whole week, and Windows 11 has already been successfully ported over to a smartphone. A very committed student of engineering, Gustave Monce, published a video to YouTube showing the latest developer preview of Windows 11 running on an old Windows Phone.

The phone is a Lumia 950 XL, which you may remember once tried to usher in the era of Windows 10 Mobile. It was also the last Windows Mobile phone, and is now somehow a bonafide collector’s item.

“It all started really five years ago, when Windows 10 Mobile was near obsolescence,” Monce said in an interview with the The Verge about the Lumia WOA Project.

Monce is right about Windows Phone being in a near-extinction phase at the time. The platform was struggling even before then to hold on to its barely 2% market share as Android and iOS devices proliferated.

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