Now the OTP code will be automatically deleted from the message




            Butwal,Some users are using the Google Messages app as the default SMS app on their mobile. Those who use this app without default are the same. Google is about to release a new feature in this app.

This new feature will automatically delete OTP i.e. one time password message in 24 hours. After using OTP, such messages stay on the user’s mobile. Now this new feature will automatically delete such messages.

This will also save phone space. According to an XDA developer, this feature is available in the beta version of the Google Messages app. For this, the beta version of the app needs to be 7.5.048.

If you have an app with beta version 7.5.048 of Google Messages but you haven’t been able to use it, don’t worry. It is not currently released for all testers. This feature was first introduced last September.

This allows users to categorize their messages. These categories include personal, transaction, offer and OTP.

You can divide your message into categories by selecting the ‘View message by category’ option. Below this, the option of Auto Delete OTP is also given. After selecting this option, the OTP on your mobile will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

The OTP code is used for most transactions and two-factor authentication. Such codes expire after a certain period of time. This type of code stays in the message for a long time.

Now with this new feature, your message box will look clean. Currently in beta version, this feature is expected to be available to everyone soon. But the company has not yet come out with an official opinion on making this feature public.

The scheduled message feature was recently made public in the Google Messages app. This feature allows you to schedule your messages.

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