Google Adsens Credit can be Taken from Khalti Digital




Now YouTube Advertising Credit can be Taken from Khalti Digital Wallet. Now it is possible to purchase Google Ad Credit from the digital wallet Khalti, and the amount used for advertising on Google’s platform can be collected.

Khalti started this service on Tuesday in collaboration with Tele Digital Services Pvt Ltd, Google’s official partner for Nepal.

Under this, Khalti customers can now load credit from 100 to 500 US dollars into their Google Ad account. “Together with Google’s partner local vendor, we have brought a service where you can add credit to Google Ad,” said Khalti’s Chief Executive Officer (COE) Vinay Khadka while talking to Tekpana, “Khalti is probably the first to bring a service where Google Ad credit can be loaded from Nepali wallets in this way. “

According to the company, the customer has to pay $146.50 when loading $100, $288.489 when loading $200, and $709.92 when loading $500.

Follow the below procedure to load Google Ad credits from Pocket.

  1. Sign in or log into Khalti 
  2. Go to popular service 
  3. Select Google Ad credit  
  4. Select the required amount
  5. Enter the given details 
  6. Proceed to pay 
Google Adsens Credit can be Taken from Khalti Digital

How AdSense works

Google AdSense provides a straightforward method for website owners and content creators to monetize their online platforms. Publishers allow Google to display relevant advertisements on their websites by making ad spaces available, tailored to the site’s content and visitors’ interests.

AdSense matches ads with the website’s content through sophisticated algorithms, ensuring relevance and engagement for users. Advertisers determine how much they will pay for each click or impression by bidding on different keywords and demographics.

As a publisher, you earn revenue when visitors interact with these ads by clicking on them or viewing them (impressions). The amount you earn can vary based on factors such as ad relevance, competition among advertisers, and user engagement.

By following these simple steps and leveraging targeted advertising, Google AdSense empowers publishers to generate income from their online efforts while delivering valuable information and products to their audience.

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