Now also advertise on a one minute video on Facebook




        Butwal.To compete with Tiktok, Facebook is going to advertise in short videos. Facebook is also advertising with the aim of promoting short videos.

According to the company, the ad will now be a one-minute video. Earlier, there was a provision that the video should be at least three minutes long for advertisement.

In addition, the company Popular Creator, which has been recording live video and short videos, has also changed the video criteria to include them.

“We want to monetize more content,” Facebook said. So we are preparing to run advertisements in the short video as well. ‘

Facebook’s new policy is said to be a challenge for companies such as TickTack and Snap Inc., which are short video platforms. Because such platforms have not provided money to the creator so far.

However, Facebook has been keeping 45 percent of the revenue from advertisements in such videos and the remaining amount has been made available to the creators.

It is even said that Facebook will provide money for some creators in the videos kept in the Facebook store. For that, the company has stated that it will advertise on the video kept in such storage.

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