Netflix has launched a new website to host news, exclusive interviews and more



    Netflix, a global streaming service, has announced the launch of a new website called “Tudum”. The purpose of Netflix’s new website is to host consumer news for updates, release dates, and additional content to discuss TV shows and movies. The company has announced that its new website is “a place to learn more about Netflix favorites” and a place where users can get a hand-picked experience. Users must log their Netflix account to other users in order to log in to the website. Currently, the new website is still in its infancy and Netflix plans to create and add new features in the future.

    Tudum is named after the sound you normally hear when you press play on Netflix. The name is also Netflix’s global virtual fan event in early September. The event everyone was talking about included an exclusive starred first look and panel that appeared in some of Netflix’s most popular titles. It also includes conversations with creators and stars of great shows popular on streaming platforms such as Stranger Things, Emily in Paris, The Witcher, Crown, Cobra Kai, and Bridgerton. It was. “.etc.

The new website was announced in a blog post by Streaming Giant Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Bozoma Saint John. John reveals how excited the streaming platform was to bring more to the user. He said Netflix “is excited to introduce Tudum to fans, so they can dig deeper into the stories they love, inspire their obsession, and start new conversations.” .. It’s just getting started, and today’s start is just getting started.

The new website may be accessible to different fans around the world, but is currently only available in English. Plans to introduce additional languages ​​to the website are still unknown. I’m very happy to know that Netflix is ​​doing its best to nurture, generate and manage organic conversations and discoveries about all of our favorite content. The latest feature of

Netflix was the launch of Netflix games for Android users around the world. After the global streaming platform was plagued by announcements earlier this year, it finally launched game content on the multi-billion dollar entertainment megastreaming platform.

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