Nepal Telecom Brings Festival Offer, Eco Combo Pack, And More



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Nepal Telecom reports the Tihar offer and the expansion of a few information, voice packs to its clients. A similar offer will stay for Tihar, Nepal Sambat, and Chath celebration. Ntc Tihar offer and new bundles will make your celebration advantageous to celebrate for the year 2020. Discover the Tihar offer, Eco voice pack, Eco information pack with voice, Enormous online media pack, and amendment in the postpaid pack underneath. 

The Tihar offer is the continuation of their celebration offer which is legitimate for the period: Kartik 28, 2077 (Kaag Tihar) to Mangsir 5, 2077 (Chhath Parba). While the new packs are live from Kartik 28, 2077 inside the Harvest time offer. 

Eco Voice pack 

Nepal Telecom has added an Eco voice pack to its scope of voice bundles. The Eco voice pack has two separate proposals with a legitimacy of 7 days and 28 days. You can get 100 minutes of calls for every day with both of the packs. They vary in cost and legitimacy days. Discover the entirety of the Voice packs in Ntc. 

Along these lines, the 7 days pack with 100*7=700 moment call costs Rs 95 while the 28 days pack with 100*28=2800 moment call costs Rs 375. The cost is comprehensive of all the public authority charges. 

This pack is helpful to the individuals who make an enormous number of calls. The voice minutes are for calls inside the Ntc network as it were. 

Eco Information pack with voice (Combo) 

NTC additionally gives this combo pack called Eco information pack with the voice minutes to clients. You can get 1GB information every day, along with 14 mins of voice calls. 

There are two such packs in the Eco information pack with voice offer. The expense of 7 days Eco combo pack is Rs 95 with which you get 7GB information and 92 minutes call (1GB, 14 mins for every day). While the expense of 28 days combo pack is Rs 375. You get an entirety of 28GB information and 392 minutes of voice with this 28 days pack. 

Enormous Online Media pack Volume Price 

7 days enormous online media pack 7GB(1GB every day) for Fb/YouTube + 4GB untouched, all application data Rs 180 

28 days pack 28GB(1GB every day) for Fb/YouTube + 10GB unequaled, all application data Rs 599 

#You can utilize 1GB information for Facebook and YouTube with the bundle, inside 24 hours. While the unequaled information, all application can be utilized for all applications all through the legitimacy time frame. 

Update in Postpaid pack 

Nepal Telecom likewise changes the postpaid packs with the expansion of Rs 599 pack and augmentation of information volume in Rs 749 pack. 

With the 599 postpaid pack, you can get 400 mins on-net calls, 50 minutes all-net pack, 6GB information, and 200 SMS. This bundle is benefical to the individuals who need to get the most administrations in their postpaid SIM at a lesser expense. 

Additionally, the 749 postpaid pack gives 800 mins on-net calls, 75 mins all-net pack, 8GB information, and 500 SMS. Prior, there was just 4GB information in the pack, which is multiplied at this point. You can utilize the pack for 30 days in Ntc postpaid SIM. Discover the entirety of the NTC postpaid packs and the advantages. 

You can buy in to the entirety of the packs by dialing *1415# while you can likewise utilize Nepal Telecom portable application for the membership. 

Tihar offer 2077 

NTC offer for Tihar 2020 is the continuation of the generally reported Celebration offer from Dashain. Nepal Telecom is giving reward voice calls to use inside the Ntc network on the energize of Rs 50 or more. 

Revive of Rs 50 OR Topup Rs 20 to Rs 50 from MPOS: Get 5 minutes reward for the afternoon. 

Revive of Rs 100 OR Topup Rs 51 to Rs 100 from MPOS: Get 10 minutes reward for the afternoon 

Rs 200 revive or Rs 101 to Rs 200 MPOS Topup: Get 20 minutes reward for the afternoon 

Topup Rs 201 to Rs 499 from MPOS: Get 30 minutes reward for the afternoon 

Energize of Rs 500 or Rs 500 to Rs 999 MPOS Topup: Get 50 minutes reward for two days 

Energize of Rs 1000 or Topup more than Rs 1000: Get 100 minutes reward call for 2 days 

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