NEA giving 3 days training to schools with IT labs





                Butwal , Nepal Telecommunication Authority is setting up IT labs in community schools with the objective of making teaching methods quality and competitive. The project, which was extended two years ago with the objective of setting up IT labs in 930 community schools, is currently in the final stages.

According to NEA co-spokesperson Achutananda Mishra, the work of setting up IT labs in 920 schools has been completed so far. He said that the necessary infrastructure for IT labs has been reached in the remaining 10 schools.

As the work of setting up IT labs in all the community schools of the country has been almost completed, NEA is preparing to provide training to the schools.

NEA issued a notice on Wednesday urging the schools where IT labs have been set up to participate in the training.

“As per the agreement between the authority and the school, three days training will be provided to the teachers and staff working in the IT lab,” the authority said in a statement. “Therefore, it is requested to send two staff or teachers to operate the lab.”

It has been mentioned in the information that the entire cost of food and accommodation of the teachers and staffs participating in the training will be borne by the authority itself.

Earlier, NEA had signed a contract with Omni Business, Max International and NEPA Hima Trade link for the establishment of IT lab, supply and operation of goods at a cost of Rs 3.5 billion.

Mishra said that the company is now preparing to provide training to the school as the contract also includes training of school representatives.

According to him, the training has been arranged in different stages according to the school. It is said that IT lab will be set up in the remaining schools till the end of the training and training will be provided to those schools as well.

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