Google reportedly took five days to decide not to remove misleading ads about voting by mail





Google took 5 days to review many ads with dishonest info regarding balloting by mail before opting to approve them, The Washington Post rumored. The ads were created by shield My Vote— a bunch the Post refers to as “shadowy”— and seemed to target individuals in many U.S.A. states, as well as Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, and Texas, appearance in response to searches for “mail-in balloting.” one in all the ads reads “think mail-in balloting and traveler balloting area unit identical. suppose again! There area unit totally different safeguards for every,” a dishonest and inaccurate claim.

Google ultimately declined to get rid of the ads. spokesperson Charlotte Smith told the Post “We have intolerance for ads that use citizen suppression techniques or undermine participation in elections. after we notice those ads, we tend to take them down.” Google didn’t straight off answer a call for participation for comment from The Verge on Sabbaths. According to the Post, shield My Vote is related to conservative support organization Freedom Works, that has supported causes associated with President Trump’s election. 

The president has repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of pick by mail over the past many weeks, while not citing any concrete proof of criminality. Google, Twitter, and Facebook all have tried, with variable levels of success, to tighten management of info in political ads earlier than the 2020 presidential elections. Earlier this month, Facebook aforementioned it might begin prohibition United States of America news publishers with connections to political teams from showing in its News tab, and Google proclaimed that it might bar political advertisers masquerading as native news retailers from putting ads as of September. Twitter illegal all political advertising earlier this year.

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