Google is testing a redesigned Play Store settings screen





Google is working on a minor Play Store redesign that will drop the hamburger menu and instead move its content to the account switcher. But as a tale we share with us, that may not be the only change that will come to us after the new interface is widely deployed. I received a screenshot of the settings page that was redesigned to better separate and order the options.


The new settings page consists of four submenus: General, User Controls, Family, and About. You can probably expand these by tapping the down arrow next to each to see all the options on that screen. General, user controls, and version information are already available as separate sections in Play Store settings, but the family is new. Google is moving parental controls out of user controls, along with a new parental guide link. There is also a Family entry in the Account section of the hamburger menu.

The new interface makes it look cleaner and reduces the burden of opening settings. You may need additional taps to reach the entry you need, but the clarity of the hierarchy makes it easy to find the option you need. As with such A / B testing, there is no guarantee that this UI will be widely deployed. Google can also abandon the experiment altogether if you are not happy with the results. Since this is a server-side experiment, there is no way to manually enable it on your mobile phone.

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