Google Chrome now opens the page faster with less RAM



                Butwal,Google unveiled a new version of Chrome 89 earlier this month. Google has said that this will keep the MacBook total and reduce memory consumption in Windows.


According to Google, if you have used the latest version of Chrome on Windows, Mac or Android, Chrome will now use less resources. However, it will open faster and be more effective.

However, Google has not said whether these features are available on iOS or iPhone. According to the company, the new version of Chrome on MacOS will reduce memory consumption by 20 percent. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

For Windows, the browser uses an advanced memory allocator that will reduce memory consumption by up to 22 percent in the browsing process. It will reduce memory consumption by 8 percent on renders and 3 percent on GPUs. As a result, overall browser responsiveness has increased by 9 percent.

Similarly, browsers on Android will reduce memory consumption by 5 percent. Browser opening time is 7.5 percent faster and page load time is 13 percent slower.

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