Fooling the customer at 11.11 drawers. 60 percent discount tag by reducing 1 rupee!



Kathmandu. Today, 11.11 Big Sale is being organized in Nepal’s largest e-commerce drawer. English 11 months 11 is being considered as a special day of online shopping internationally.
It started in 2009. It was started by Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba.
Started by the Chinese company Alibaba, this shopping day is now being celebrated by various e-commerce companies around the world. Especially on this day, special discounts are available when buying goods online.
Accordingly, various e-commerce companies have been following it in Nepal for the past few years. Moreover, the drawer with the investment of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba had to celebrate this event in a special way.
The same celebration is going on in the drawer today. According to the press release of the drawer, customers will be able to get maximum discounts on 11.11 at Mega Deals, Flash Sales, Bank Discounts, Free Delivery, Vouchers as well as over 500,000 products sold by more than 6,000 vendors and more than 160 national and international official brands. Is mentioned.
Up to 60 percent discount is mentioned in today’s mega deal on the company’s site. This does not mean that 60 percent discount is available on every item.
Up to 60 percent discount is available on some limited items. There is no reason for the customer to be mistaken as the drawer itself uses the word ‘up to’.
But, here the drawer is directly fooling the customer. This morning, a reader posted a screenshot of two photos on Tekpan’s Facebook page.
The photo was in one drawer, while in the other drawer was a screenshot of the company providing the goods. Both the photos had Niptra brand black jackets.
The price of the same jacket is Rs 23,099 in an Instagram post launched by the Niptra brand on December 20, 2019, a year ago.
The price of the jacket, which was available a year ago at Rs 2,399, is now being offered at Rs 2,380 with a 57 percent discount. In other words, the drawer has given a discount of Rs 19 out of Rs 2399 and the tag is 57 percent.

The photo in the 11‍‍.11 cell of the drawer is on the left and the Niptra brand’s post on their Instagram a year ago is on the right.

While verifying the screenshot sent by the reader, it was found to be correct. We studied Niptra’s subsequent posts to see if there was such a problem in just one case.
Last March, the price of Windchitter kept by Niptra was Rs 1799 and 53 percent discount was provided at Rs 1700.
The Windchitter, which was priced at Rs 1,799 last March, was sold at a discount of 53 per cent after eight months on sale.

The photo in the 11‍‍.11 cell of the drawer is left and the Niptra brand’s post in May on their Instagram is right.

It may seem that only Niptra brand clothes have this problem. We have also tried to compare the prices of other brands of products.
In that process, the discount given by Daraj on the price of a wireless earphone of ‘Fantech’ brand seemed unique. It is mentioned in the drawer that the price of ‘Fantech TWS TX-1 Mithril 5.0 Wireless Earphones’ has been made available at Rs 4,499 with a 50 percent discount on Rs 8,999.
Then we went to the official company’s website to see the actual price of the product. While there, the price of this product is only Rs 4,500. This means that Daraj has fooled the customer by giving a discount of Rs 1 less than the price offered by the company and saying 50 percent discount.

The picture on the left cell 11‍‍.11 of the drawer and the photo on the Fantech web site with the price of the earphone on the right.

Is it possible to entice the customer by keeping a lot of discount tags or not? We spoke to Netra Prasad Subedi, Director General of the Department of Commerce, Supplies and Consumer Protection.
He said, ‘Customers cannot be fooled in the name of discount. If that product was not easily available in Nepal and had to be imported, it would be a different matter.
However, in Nepal, the same company is providing goods at the same price and the drawer is cheating the customer by saying 55-60 percent discount on it, then we will move the study process forward.
He said that action would be taken if any wrongdoing was found during the study.

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