Finally, Brazil imposed a ban on Huawei



The Brazilian government has banned Huawei from supplying equipment to its private communications network. The decision was announced by Communications Minister Fabio Faria at a public hearing of a parliamentary task force working on FiveG on Tuesday. 


Minister Faria said Huawei was not suitable for the government network project to be set up by the winners of the upcoming FiveG Action. According to the minister, the decision was made because Huawei did not meet the basic requirements set by Brazilian telecommunications company Anatel.

However, the Bolsonaro government does not bar any organization or country in Brazil from doing business. But the government has set some criteria. Any supplier must comply with Brazil’s corporate governance rules.

According to Fariya, the Brazilian government had recently met with market leaders and governments of the FiveG equipment market. During the trip, Huawei showed little interest in supplying equipment for the government network, said Minister Faria.

The team visited big companies like Nokia, Ericsson Huawei and NEC. During the visit, it was found that all these companies have invested heavily in cyber security. However, the Brazilian government fears that the devices may have included intelligence systems.

But following a recent statement from the Brazilian government, Huawei said it had been working in Brazil for 23 years with transparency and rule of law.

Last January alone, Huawei hired former president and constitutional law professor and lawyer Mikel Timmer to implement FiveG in Brazil. 

With the United States and some European countries banning Chinese company Huawei technology, there was a lot of curiosity about what Brazil would decide.

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