Facebook, Instagram down during outage; thousands affected



If you were just kicked out of your Facebook or Instagram account while scrolling, you’re not alone.

Meta’s social media platforms are currently not working, with both Instagram and Facebook pulling up “failure to load” error pages.

DownDetector reported over 567,745 outages at 9:45 P.M. Apps also appear to be affected.

8 On Your Side has reached out to Meta for information on the outage.

I’m sorry to hear about the Meta social media outage. It seems like a widespread issue affecting both Instagram and Facebook, with many users encountering “failure to load” error pages. According to DownDetector, over 5667745outages were reported at 9:45 PM., indicating a significant impact globally. It’s always frustrating when these platforms experience disruptions, especially if you were in the middle of something important. Hopefully, Meta will provide timely updates on the status of the outage and work towards resolving it promptly for all affected users. In the meantime, please stay tuned for further information from Meta regarding this situation. Thank you for your patience as they address this issue. techpaaila

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