Everyone can read IT course ‘BEd in ICT’




Kathmandu. Universities and colleges have started the recruitment process for graduation. Students are also thinking of choosing the subject of their interest to shape the future.

In such a situation, the number of students who want to go ahead with technical subjects is increasing. Today we are discussing the educational program ‘BEd in ICT’ related to information technology.
Some people promote this educational program under the names of BEd ICT, BEd ICTE, BICTE etc. The program was started by Tribhuvan University for the first time in 2063 BS at the undergraduate level from five organic campuses and eight community campuses of the country.
Later, from 2070, BEd in ICT program started at Mahendra Ratna Campus, Tahachal. From the same year, teaching of this subject started at the undergraduate level in Sanothimi Campus.
Currently this topic is T.V. Study is being taught in 9 affiliated campuses and 8 community campuses.
Students taking any faculty or subject at higher secondary level can study BEd ICT. This program introduces students to modern educational system and computer science.
Students will also have access to technical skills and knowledge in the field of information and communication such as programming, networking, database management, AI, basic technology of education and basic knowledge of education faculty such as educational psychology, teaching pedagogy including electronic good governance.
Students who want to study BEd in ICT should pass the entrance exam from the Faculty of Education. This 4 year and 8 semester program includes 132 credit hour courses.
There are 12 credit hours for communication and skill based courses, 24 credit hours for educational core courses, 60 credit hours for specialized major subjects, 30 credit hours for general subjects and 9 credit hours for teaching internships and practicals.
He says that the credit hour will be easily recognized internationally. To study this subject, one has to pay a fee of Rs. 20,000 to Rs.35000
The scope of BEd in ICT is different and more than other study institutes and faculties. Students who have studied BEd in ICT can obtain a teaching license from the Education Services Commission to teach computer science at the secondary level. There is no such arrangement in other faculties or institutions.
There are such courses

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