Digital House Numbering in Butwal, Address on the Web


Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City has begun digital house numbering system. This allows people to look up their houses’ addresses online, by using Google or the Mobile app.

Former minister of Lumbini Province, Lila Giri had inaugurated the system on Saturday, April 3rd.

The digital house numbering system is currently available for the inhabitants of 1 – 13 wards. The Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City has a total of 19 wards.

With this electronic address system, people will be able to find addresses of public offices, schools and colleges, and private houses, Sub-Metro’s IT Officer Roshan Kumar Regmi said. Butwal Sub-Metro has carried out electronic addressing of many such structures in up to 13 wards so far. To find the address of a particular house, one can use Google or a mobile app.

We established the electronic house numbering system based on a geographic information system. It will be one step towards digitalizing Butwal, Regmi said. Now, people will be able to find out any house, office, or organization with its unique ID number online. And it only takes one to enter a house’s ID number and a few minor details here.

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