Chrome 90 Beta aims to make copy-and-paste much less frustrating on the web




Google has released Chrome 90 on the beta channel. On the surface, there aren’t many UI changes or new features, but Google is working internally on a number of improvements that will surely make you realize that the latest beta is stable. It offers copy-and-paste enhancements, a better AR model, and support for new codecs that use less bandwidth during video conferencing.

Improved copy-and-paste

Do you know how to drag and drop an image from your file manager to your website, such as when attaching an image or PDF to an email? Chrome is working to bring the same functionality to the clipboard. When you press copy (or Ctrl + c) a file in the file manager, you usually cannot press paste (or Ctrl + v) on a website to move the file to the Chrome website. This is because the website cannot access the path. This is basically a copy. However, Chrome wants to change that and is working to make the web app read and access a specific path in the clipboard (only if you send a paste command, of course). This allows you to basically add files to your website without resorting to drag-and-drop or annoying file picker dialogs. Similar functionality is already used in Safari, but of course Gmail doesn’t specifically support its implementation.

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