CAN INFOTECH 2021 sponsor and stall booking opening from tomorrow



                     Butwal, Interested sponsors and exhibitors will be able to book online at the 27th edition of CAN Infatech. Preparations have been made to open sponsors and stall bookings from Bhaeli for Infatech to be organized from next Baishak 25.

Companies and organizations doing business in the field of information technology can participate in this booking which will be open from 10 am. To book online, go to the CAN Federation website and pay the details and amount according to the information provided there.

Prabhu Pay is the top sponsor of CAN Infotech and WorldLink is the co-top sponsor. In addition, Sunway College and Digital Display Partners have Ultra LED as academic partners.

Platinum, Diamond, Gold and Silver as well as open for print and official sponsorship. Sponsors will receive standard stalls and VIP and general passes, invitations to opening and closing ceremonies, logo displays in media advertisements and logo displays on other promotional materials.

Entrepreneurs will be able to use the exhibition as a place to showcase new technologies as well as business expansion, while observers will be able to observe and purchase new information and communication technology and technologies and equipment for the future in one place.

The exhibitors also showcased software, networking and cloud solutions, mobile phones and solutions, electrical and electronics, security solutions, solar power systems, inverters, UPS, laptop and desktop computers, printers, power systems, computer accessories, software, antivirus and software. Products such as hard disks will be on display and on sale.

CAN Infotech 2021 will provide an unprecedented opportunity for information and communication technology companies to expand their market, find out customer needs, conduct market surveys, unveil new products and establish relationships with customers.

CAN Infotech 2021 will have various sections, including branding, ICT accessories, game parlors, product launches, robotics, emerging technologies, e-waste management, WiFi and Internet and learning centers, and information and communication technology employment centers.

The same number of viewers is expected to come to this edition of CAN Infotech, which was viewed by around 3.5 million people last year. Also, this time the ticket for Infotech will be made paperless.

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