Bluebooks can be renewed from the Nagarik app from today




ButwalFrom today, it is possible to renew the blue book from the Nagarik app. The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Transport of Bagmati Pradesh has given approval to the payment service providers and the blue book renewal can be done online.

The Office of Transportation Management Services and the Office of Transportation Management have entered into agreements with Global IME Bank and Rastriya Banijya Bank to collect transport sector revenue from driver’s licenses.

Mobile wallets of e-services (Phone Pay Pvt.) And pocket (Sparrow Pay Pvt.) Have been integrated into the Transport Management Information System (TMIS) to match the revenue accounts from these banks.

On the same basis, the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Transport has given approval to e-services and pockets to collect vehicle tax and renewal fee on the basis of a ministerial decision. However, the Bagmati state government’s transport management information system has already been included in the Nagarik app.

From which you can get information about the details of vehicle tax and the status of blue book renewal. But the Citizen app was unable to provide the Bluebook renewal service because the digital wallet was not approved for payment.

Now that e-services and wallets have been approved by the state government, the bluebook can be renewed from the citizen app. However, this service can be availed directly by visiting the website of the TMIS system of the state government.

To download the Citizen app Click here for Android  and Click here   for iOS  .

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