17 Google Assistant Tricks You Might Not Know About





Since the Google Assistant has been around since 2016, we’ve definitely understood many of the tricks Google’s voice-launching helpers can do, from setting alarms and timers to performing calculations and searching definitions. However, the number of skills that the Google Assistant is free to use is constantly increasing, and some skills have never been encountered before.

As always, each of these commands must be preceded by “hey Google” or “OK Google”. Let’s dive into.

1. Take screenshots

A simple “take a screenshot” will grab an instant screenshot of your Android device, though you can’t use this one on the other devices compatible with Google Assistant—yet.

2. Play podcasts

Like all other companies, Google is enthusiastic about podcasts. You can say “Play the latest episode from …” and then enter the name of the podcast to start listening.

3. Dig into your photos

With Google Photos open on a Pixel phone, you can tell Google Assistant to “show me pictures of…” a place, then follow it up with “the ones at…” and a particular landmark. The example Google gives is “show me New York pictures” and then “the ones at Central Park”, so you can adjust the commands to match your own travels and collection of images.

4. Track your exercise

Wear OS may not be the most popular smartwatch platform in the world, but it is tightly integrated with the Google Assistant. You can start recording your exercise without touching your watch using commands such as “track your run” or “ride your bike.”

5. Watch some TV

You can instruct your Google Assistant to play a specific movie, show, or video type on Netflix or YouTube. Say “Play …” and then say what you want to see in which app. It works on Android smartphones and tablets as well as Android TV and Chromecast.

6. Find your phone

It works with smart speakers and smart displays with the Google Assistant. When you say “find a phone”, any Android smartphone that is logged in to the same Google account as the speaker or display will start ringing even in silent mode.

7. Control your apps

The Google Assistant can interact with many apps on Android, including Mint, Instagram, Outlook, Discord, and Spotify. You can save yourself the trouble of tapping the screen by using commands such as “Search for candles on Etsy” and “Send money on Venmo”. Use the command “show my shortcuts” to show all available shortcuts based on the installed app.

8. Read out articles on the web

If you’re using Google Chrome on Android, say “Read” to the Google Assistant with the web page open and the text on the page will be read back.

9. Take a timed photo

Adjust the countdown as needed and say “take a picture in 5 seconds” or “take a selfie in 10 seconds” to make sure you take the perfect picture every time on your Android smartphone.

10. Remember where you put stuff

The Google Assistant’s long memory can be a privacy nightmare, but it can help you keep track of where everything is. Tell the Assistant to “remember my spare keys are in the filing cabinet” and then ask “where are my spare keys?” you will get the correct answer. You can choose to have the Wizard remember other bits of information as well, such as what is your friend’s favorite cake or what is your locker number.

11. Hear animal sounds

You may be surprised at how much educational content is packed into the Google Assistant for Kids. Ask, “How do elephants sound?” For example, or select another animal (the assistant can continue to select the animal if desired).

12. Wind down slowly

Did you know that you can play music and set timers with the Google Assistant, but did you know that you can combine the two, for example when you fall asleep? Just say “Stop Music …” to the Google Assistant and select how long you want the timer to start.

13. Broadcast to multiple speakers at once

If you have a lot of Google Nest speakers and displays around your house, you can broadcast your message to all your speakers at once. Just say “broadcast” and then send the message.

14. Flip a coin or roll a die

Classic Google search engine tricks have permeated the Google Assistant. When you ask to “throw a coin” or “roll a dice”, the assistant will show a great animation on a particular device.

15. Create and edit lists

Another way to take advantage of the Google Assistant’s recall feature is to manage your lists. For example, if you have a shopping list, you can say “Add eggs to your shopping list” and you’ll hear “What’s on your shopping list?” All at once. Voice command.

16. Delete voice recordings

You can delete audio recordings that the Google Assistant recorded from your Google account page on the web, but remove them from the assistant itself using commands such as “Delete last word” or “Delete everything”. can also do. I told you last week. “

17. Mute your phone

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